Gareth Irvine

by Gareth Irvine (20s-30s Development Leader, Westwood, Coventry)

1 – Stories from Form (26th June 2017)

We have recently had a weekend away in Whitemoor Lakes, near Lichfield, to celebrate the end of the latest Form.

Form is a year of hands-on discipleship, running in many places across the UK and in Europe. Representing Westwood, Coventry, we met with other Form centres from Ipswich, Liverpool and Sheffield to share good news stories of what God has done in and through our interns over the last year.

Here’s a collection of quotes from the last year –

  • ‘I’m realising I don’t need to live for the approval of others – that’s brought a lot of freedom!’
  • ‘God has provided for us at each and every stage of our year – not just enough to survive, but enough to be generous’
  • ‘I’ve stopped trying to control all my fears – instead I’m allowing Holy Spirit to bring me into a place of peace – and to surrender to his agenda. He is in control!’
  • ‘God has taught me that we need others to help us on our journey. My stubbornness has gone – God gave me the space to surrender. I am now more loving of myself so that I can love others. Despite pain and sickness, God has given me incredible joy. I am a precious daughter of God’
  • ‘I’ve learnt that when I let God be in control, life is so much better. He’s taught me how to love myself the way he loves me. I get the ultimate approval of my Father no matter what other people think of me. I am a precious child of God’
  • ‘God has shown me what family is really about. They are always there. Gods power in us has shown me amazing generosity. Jesus helped me speak to 200 strangers about him. I’ve learnt how to pray and talk to Jesus and read the bible out loud. I can now forgive people who hurt me. I’ve conquered my addictions, and through my story, I want to lead people to God. I’m not scared any more. God has made me brave!’
  • ‘I’m no longer terrified of being upfront or getting things wrong. I can put my trust in God that things will be more than ok when I lead the things he’s called me to’
  • ‘I can do anything through God who gives us strength. I’ve understood the root of my low self-esteem and how to bring God’s truth into my life. He’s started the process of healing me up from past hurts. He’s revealing his heart for others in need and helping me to become a disciple-maker’
  • ‘God’s been changing my heart, and a hunger to want to know God more. I’m incredibly grateful for the close friendships and the experience of huddle to process deeply what God is saying.’
  • ‘God has taught me the value of having other people around me. Going to Sicily amazed me at the possibility of seeing what we might be doing in 15 years time.’
  • ‘God is more than enough. His assignment is best. I can trust in him to step out in faith. Being vulnerable was a struggle – the evangelism we did in Warrington, although really difficult at the time, later showed me that it’s not about me – it’s about God. Growth is a choice we make – making Jesus Lord of my life by weeding out the lies I have believed about myself. I want to choose to submit my life to him. I want to go beyond superficial relationships. I don’t find my identity anymore in what others think but who God says I am’
  • ‘God is good. It’s not been an easy year. Much has been demanded – but the blessings have been extravagant. It’s changed me to realise that to ask for and accept help is not a sign of weakness. Usually my head wins – but when I allow my heart to speak, I have come to know peace and God’s goodness. God is good, and this I know’

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